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The most mysterious game in the city

where you are the protagonist and the city is the game board. Figure out what the clues mean, solve the puzzles and track down the mystery, all you need are some friends, a smartphone with a bit of mobile internet and a simple pen. Success is guaranteed if you and your buddies are clever enough

How does it work?

Buy a ticket

In order to begin your big city board game, you will first need a ticket which you can get by clicking on the Purchase tickets button. One ticket allows for the participation of your whole team which can be up to 6 people. We will send you further instructions via email to the email address you provided when ordering the ticket (along with how to pay for your experience). You may use the ticket for up to thirty days after purchase.

Purchase ticket

Once the price of your ticket has arrived on our bank account we will send you an email with further instructions. In order to begin the game, you must activate the ticket. This will lead you to a website where you can check your chosen course and the language you wish to use for the game as well as the email address where we will send you further instructions. After activation, you have 48 hours to complete the game. You can take a break from the game any time to grab coffee or lunch, and of course, we recommend you keep your eyes open for the city's sights, too.


To play, you don’t need anything except for a smartphone, 100 MB of mobile internet, a pen and a map for your chosen course. The map is available at several restaurants, bars and cafes throughout the city, a list of which will be provided in the email you get after purchasing tickets. You have to solve each space on the map one by one while actually walking to the given place. You will receive the tasks for each station by logging on to our web server which is also where you will be able to send us your solution.


Document of the Order of the Escapists
Document of the Order of the Escapists

If you already have a ParaPoly ticket good to have the secret document of the Order of the Escapists. It includes...

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